Hello I’m Jules. I studied Applied Geosciences but now I’m a Software Developer. I’m most experienced with web frontend, specifically React & D3. I’m passionate about building tools on the web and data visualization.

You can find me on the web on Twitter, GitHub, or Observable.

Latest Writing

  • React ref Callback Use-Cases

    ref callbacks are a little known feature in React, they’re used to perform an action when React attaches or detaches a ref to a DOM element. ref callbacks have a few use-cases, let’s look at some.

  • (Lazy) Components Maps

    Cleaner conditional rendering in React by matching values using component maps, optionally, lazy-load components to make a “lazy component map”

  • Medium Reducers in React

    useReducer is not just for complex state-updating logic, it can be used for commonplace state updates; state updates that are not not complex, and not super simple either; medium reducers for mundane state updating logic.

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