Map of React

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This is an idea that keeps coming back to me. When I ‘know’ a framework or library, I know how its parts relate such that I can form a map of it in my head. I know React pretty well, so I drew this map using tldraw.

useRefuseMemouseCallbackStabilizersuseImperative-HandleforwardRefJules' Map of ReactHooksuseReduceruseStateStateuseEffectuseLayoutEffectEffectsuseContextuseDebugValueElementsisValidElement()cloneElement()createElement() & ElementsuseSyncExternalStoreLibrary HooksDev hookComponentwrappersTransitionsContext.ProviderContext.consumerSSRContext.displayNamedisplayNamedisplayNameConcurrent@Mega_JulesProfilerMemoization

Hard to say how valuable it is to others.